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  • Steve McGee

Let's Fix This Epidemic Lack of Leadership

It's my chief complaint. I have seen a lack of leadership at most companies I have visited, and that would include non-profit membership and other types of organizations.

Decisions are made and then reversed. People don't know what the right thing to do is. Some people are set to work on things behind other's backs. Managers say one thing about how to treat staff and employees, but do another.

This lack of leadership holds everyone back. But we're at a moment where there's not a lot of cushion to rely on. Much of the country has been stressed like never before.

The coronavirus lock downs will end. When that happens it's going to take focused effort to get back on track and rebuild your business, your community and your country.

When leaders do their jobs well you get focused and aligned effort. When leaders decide where to go you see others making the right daily choices. When leaders define how it should be done everyone gets back on track. And we stay that way when leaders clearly communicate all of this powerfully enough that it reaches everyone, and confuses no one.

This is what I want to help you and everyone else see happen in the next several months. What part are you willing to take on?

Gene Kranz is leading


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